Saturday, February 5, 2011

Welcome to the new blog!

Welcome to the new "Personal Security Tips" blog sponsored by PROTECT YOU NOW.  Check this blog often to find excellent information on ways to help reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime.   My goal is to give you quality information that you can use to protect you now.  I will continually strive to make this blog pertinent to your everyday personal security.  Thanks for checking us out.  Now for the first installment.....

Everyday many people receive suspicious phone calls or visitors to their homes.  They may say that their car has broken down and they need to phone someone for help.  They may pretend to be a workman and say that they need to check your electricity or water.  They might even claim to be from the city council and that they are carrying out a local survey.  Whatever the reason a caller gives, you need to be sure that they are not just trying to get into your home to steal something.

There are around 12,000 incidents of “distraction burglary” each year, where callers get into homes and then steal cash or valuables while their occupier is distracted in some way.  Sometimes they even work in pairs, with one doing the talking while the other is stealing.  They often target the elderly.

Here are some tips to help Protect You Now:

Never give personal information (SS#, age, names of family members, etc) to anyone over the phone unless you have called them or know them.  If someone asks for this information, ask them to mail you a request and you will consider giving the information.  Do research on anyone who calls you.  Do a web search to see what you can find.  Call the Better Business Bureau.  Find all you can about the people who are trying to get your information.  If it is suspicious, contact your local authorities.

Be on your guard every time the doorbell rings or there is a knock at your door.  Look out of your window to see who’s there first.  If you do not know who the person is, open the window slightly and talk to them that way, rather than opening the door.  Alternatively, have a viewer fitted in your front door so that you can take a good look at who’s there first.  If your eyesight is not good be sure to get the wide-angle type viewer installed.

Put the door chain or door bar on before opening the door and talk thru the gap.  You could even fit a small mirror to the wall next to the door so that you can easily see the person you are talking to.

Make sure the back door is locked if someone knocks on your front door.  Sometimes thieves work together with one coming in the back way, while the other keeps you talking at the front.

Ask for identification.  If you need your glasses to check this do not think it is rude to close the door and go get them.  A genuine caller will not mind.  If you are still not sure, ask the caller to leave and tell them to write and make an appointment so that someone else can be with you the next time they call.  The basic rule is if you do not know the person at your door; DO NOT let them into your home.

In conclusion, your home should be the place where you can feel safe.  In today’s world, many people are not safe at home.  Home break-ins and burglaries are common all over the country.  Even people who live in small towns or "out in the country" are frequently burglarized.  Homes in rural areas are prime targets for burglars.  Everyone needs to be aware that they are a potential target.  Do not wait to be a victim.  Prepare yourself now.  Feel free to respond with any questions.  You can email me at:  joseph@protectyounow.comWe want to help PROTECT YOU NOW.  If you need door chains, viewers or mirrors, you can click the links for the best prices or you can find them at your local retailer such as Lowe’s or ACE Hardware.  To find inexpensive personal and home alarms, visit .


  1. In today's world we often do not think of how to protect ourselves as well as our family's. Your information is excellent.

  2. Thanks for the good advise. I will look forward to your next tip!