Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Podcast - Walking and Running Safety

Podcast Content:

Many people who walk or run outside are concerned about being attacked.  Anyone can be a target.  Here are some suggestions to help Protect You Now:

Walk/run indoors.  Many people choose to walk or run on indoor treadmills.  This is obviously the safest way to do your cardio workout.

Choose a high pedestrian traffic area for your walk/run.  Bad guys do not want an audience.  Running on a path or sidewalk with other people close by is always advisable.

Run/walk in an open area.  Paths lined with trees and bushes are nice, but often give criminals the advantage.  Try to avoid areas that are dark or out of the way.

Take a companion with you.  By walking with a friend or a group greatly reduces your chance of being attacked.  If a person is not available, take your dog.

Don’t blend in.  Wear bright clothing that stands out.  Carry a personal alarm or pepper spray that is visible to would be assailants.  Bad guys do not want to attract attention.

Show your Attitude!  Keep your head up a show that you are aware of your surroundings.  Most attackers are looking for a target of opportunity.  They do not want to attack someone who appears ready and able to take care of themselves.

I hope these tips will help you be better prepared when you go walking or running.  Be sure to check out our webstore for the items you may need to help Protect You Now.

Take care!

Joseph E. McGuffey


  1. If you have to run in dark areas or in areas that are off the beaten path would you recommend to take a gun or taser?

  2. I run with my rotweiller